Singapore Social – Because We Can Sink Too Low

The Fandom Menace

Between Singapore Social and the release of Disney+, you know it’s time to move to Canada.

Singapore Social is a Netflix program that is supposedly a representation of Singapore–more specifically its youth, and consequently, the people who would fall into the classification of this generation.

Nicole Ong on Singapore Social

It is also, conveniently everything utterly abhorrent of today’s idea of content creation as well as a disgusting attempt by the delusional and desperate to identify themselves as the caricatures of the already caricatured personas they are exposed to on… well, I don’t know–probably, social media.

I mean, what’s the worst thing a Singaporean could actually find on TV, really.

Something Toggle could laugh at

To quote my favourite response to Singapore Social thus far:

I was wondering how Netflix put out a show that Toggle could laugh their asses off at.

The quote, which is a reply to a comment, can be found on

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